Terms of Service

Generally speaking, you may use the Map Maker and the maps that you create in any way you wish, e.g. for personal or commercial purposes, on condition that you agree to the following:

General Terms

  1. Don't Do Anything Illegal: You agree not to use this Website in any way for the participation in or contribution to any illegal activity.
  2. Respect copyright: You agree to respect any and all copyright notices, including, but not limited to, source code, images, or with respect to any other asset or item, digital or otherwise. (Developers: get in touch if you're looking for a code solution and think we can help!)
  3. Availability: Maps.co takes every effort to maximize service availability and data integrity, including the use of ready-to-go redundant systems and performing daily off-site data backups. However, we cannot guarantee 100% service availability, nor can we 100% protect against data loss. By using this service, you agree not to hold Maps.co. or any affiliated party responsible for any non-availability of service or for any loss of data.
  4. Respect Google's & Other Vendors' Terms: Since the Map Maker uses the Google Maps API, you will also need to ensure that you comply with Google's terms of service. Links to the Google terms can be found on the map itself (bottom-right corner). Additionally, you agree to comply with the terms of any other vendor whose services are integrated on this Website.
  5. Abuse: You agree not to establish a large number of accounts for a single individual, or to abuse the Map Maker in such a way that allows circumvention of any imposed restrictions or limitations, e.g. the number of maps, layers or locations in your account, and; You agree not to maliciously use any "bots" or automated software that may impose high levels of stress on our systems and servers, thereby potentially compromising the service availability for other users.
  6. Termination: In most cases, a warning will be issued to users whom we believe are in non-compliance with these terms of service. Failure to comply with the terms within a reasonable timeframe after receiving a warning may result in your account(s) being permanently and irretrievably deleted. We reserve the right to immediately terminate accounts found to be in egregious violation of terms.


This is, understandably, a sensitive topic. Here are the basics on how your information is used:

  1. We do not, nor shall we ever, share or sell information with/to any third party, unless: 1) a request is made by you to share information with a third party, e.g. you invite a user to join your map, export data to another location, or contact support and request assistance that requires interaction with your data, and/or; 2) compelled to do so by a US judge or court.
  2. We highly recommend using a valid email address. If you use an invalid email, you may permanently lose access to your Map Maker account and data. With a real email address you will always be able to reset the password to recover your account.
  3. We currently send out a newsletter about once every 3 months. This frequency may increase as we accelerate in the development of new features; however, there is an option to unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.
  4. Cookies & JavaScript are required for technical operation of this service. Without both of these features enabled, you will not be able to execute the code necessary to view and edit maps. Third party cookies are: Cloudflare, used as a CDN ("Content Delivery Network"); Google Analytics, used for traffic analytics, and; Stripe, used for subscriptions and payment processing.
  5. Billing / Credit Card Details: We use Stripe, the leader in digital subscription payments, for managing subscriptions and billing. None of your credit card details are stored on our servers, and we do not get to see your full credit card information (unless you provide it directly to a sales agent over the phone).
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