Make & Share Custom Maps

Map Maker Features

Make & Share Maps

MAPS is a powerful map-making Web application to plot latitude & longitude coordinates, create custom maps and analyze geographic data. You can upload data, customize how data is visualized, then share the map with others for viewing or editing.

Quickly Import Data

Spend less time formatting data, and more time analyzing data.

With Map Maker you can rapidly import location data from your existing spreadsheet files, or simply copy/paste your locations.

You can also import custom data fields for each location, then dynamically filter the data based on values in those custom fields. This allows you to quickly dig into data without having to edit and re-upload spreadsheets.

Excel CSV Location Import Example
Map Data Analysis

Data Analysis Tools

Map Maker comes complete with a suite of data analysis tools.

Heatmaps and data clustering enable you to quickly visualize the density and dispersion of your datapoints. These advanced features dynamically adjust according to zoom level and data filters that you define, making it easier analyze your data in-place.

Heatmaps and clustering are enabled a per-layer basis, affording you the flexibility of applying these analysis tools to each dataset independently.

Batch Geocode Addresses

Need to geocode addresses to latitude / longitude?

Map Maker's advanced geocoder rapidly converts large batches of physical addresses into lat,lng GeoCoordinates, and quantifies the accuracy level for each result.

Geocoder task results can be exported and downloaded in .csv spreadsheet format, allowing you to use the geocoded data however you like.

Geocoder Task Results