Map Maker Help


  1. Creating a New Map
  2. Deleting a Map
  3. Auto-Zoom


  1. Introduction to Layers
  2. Importing Data from .csv
  3. Remove Layer From Map
  4. Deleting a Layer
  5. Layer Limit Reached


  1. Location Marker Icons / Images
  2. Calculating Land / Surface Area
  3. Geocoding Addresses

Data Analysis

  1. Data Filters
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Clustering


  1. Adding a Territory to the Map


  1. Map Links and Data Sources

These pages are intended to help you get started using the Map Maker.

Map Maker Screenshot

Map Maker is a simple but powerful GIS-type tool for making custom maps.

Map Maker Features:

Getting Started

When you visit the Map Maker for the very first time as an unregistered user, a temporary account with a demo map is created for you. You may edit the demo map, create a new blank map from which to work, or otherwise continue to use the Map Maker as an unregistered user.

Important: Registering an account is optional but highly recommended so that your work is saved. Temporary account data for unregistered users is periodically purged from the system.

Map Locations & Data Are Stored In "Layers"

Layers act as "containers" for data. You can think of them as categories or file folders, helping you to organize your location data into manageable groups. When you import location data, a layer containing the locations will be created.

Layers exist independently of maps and the same layer can be shared on multiple maps simultaneously. This means you don't need to re-import the same data every time you create a new map. Instead, you can simply load a layer you created earlier onto the current map. All layer location data and settings will be imported.

The "Layer List" in the left panel shows the layers that are active on the current map. You can toggle a layer ON or OFF by clicking the box to the left of the layer's color

The Layer List:

Layer List

Clicking on a layer in the Layer List will open the "Layer Editor" to the right side of the page.

The Layer Editor allows you to customize the layer and how the layer's data appears on the map.

The Layer Editor:

Layer Editor

Quick Links: