Map Maker Help


  1. Creating a New Map
  2. Deleting a Map
  3. Auto-Zoom


  1. Introduction to Layers
  2. Importing Data from .csv
  3. Remove Layer From Map
  4. Deleting a Layer
  5. Layer Limit Reached


  1. Location Marker Icons / Images
  2. Calculating Land / Surface Area
  3. Geocoding Addresses

Data Analysis

  1. Data Filters
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Clustering


  1. Adding a Territory to the Map


  1. Map Links and Data Sources


For datasets containing a large number of locations plot, a heatmap can help visualize the density / dispersion of plots on the map.

With Map Maker, heatmaps are enabled on a per-layer basis. This offers the flexibility of applying heatmap visualizations to only the desired datasets.

Example: Displaying Heatmaps

Step 1: In the Layer List — to the left — click on the layer for which you want to enable a heatmap.

The Layer Editor will open.

Step 2: Click the "Heatmap" checkbox.

Heatmap Option Enabled