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Location Marker Icons / Images

Map Maker offers 2 different ways to change a location's marker/icon.

By default, each location within a layer will inherit the layer's icon settings. Once you change the icon settings for a specific location, those settings will then override the layer defaults until they are removed.

In most cases, you will probably want to change the layer's default icon so that all of your locations within a dataset are styled consistently.

Tip: If you're getting unexpected results with icons, try clicking the "Reset all location styles to layer defaults" button in the Layer Editor. This will reset all location-specific icon settings for locations within the layer (which may be conflicting with the layer's default settings).

Method 1. Change the layer's default icon settings

Step 1: In the Layer List, click the layer whose icon you wish to change; the Layer Editor will open.

Step 2: In the Layer Editor, make sure the "Markers" option is checked and you will see the icon settings (see image below).

Step 3: Change the icon type, colors, sizing and more. You can also upload a custom image.

As you make changes, the icons for locations in this layer will be updated on the map.

Icon Settings in the Layer Editor:

Location marker icon settings

Method 2. Change an individual location's icon

Step 1: On the map, click the individual location whose icon you wish to change; the Location Editor will open.

Step 2: In the Location Editor, change the icon settings to suit your needs.