Map Maker Help


  1. Creating a New Map
  2. Deleting a Map
  3. Auto-Zoom


  1. Introduction to Layers
  2. Importing Data from .csv
  3. Remove Layer From Map
  4. Deleting a Layer
  5. Layer Limit Reached


  1. Location Marker Icons / Images
  2. Calculating Land / Surface Area
  3. Geocoding Addresses

Data Analysis

  1. Data Filters
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Clustering


  1. Adding a Territory to the Map


  1. Map Links and Data Sources

Geocoding Addresses

Geocoding — converting street addresses to latitude/longitude coordinates — is fast and easy with Map Maker.

Map Maker's built-in geocoder can quickly batch geocode your addresses to coordinates. Once geocoding is completed, you can export your geocoded results to a spreadsheet file and use them however you like.

Core Concepts:

Example: Geocoding

Step 1: In the left pane, click the "Geocode Address to lat,lng" button

The geocoder will open.

Step 2: In the geocoder, type a name for your task and copy/paste the addresses that you want to geocode (one per line).

In the example below, we have used the street addresses for some of the big tech companies:

Geocoder Window

Step 3: Click "Start Task".

You will receive a confirmation notice with the number of credits required to complete the geocoding task. The geocoder requires 1 credit per address, and the number of credits available depends on your account plan:

Confirmation Window

Step 4: To proceed with the task, click "Proceed With Import". You can also cancel the task at this time.

After proceeding with the import, a new "In Progress" task will appear under "Tasks" in the geocoder:

Pending Geocoder Task

Once the geocoder finishes geocoding, the in-progress task will also change to "Done" and you will receive a pop-up notification:

Geocoder Finished Notice

Step 5: Click the task in the geocoder, and the results will load:

Geocoder Finished Notice

You can download the geocoded results by clicking the "Export .csv" button.