Map Maker Help


  1. Creating a New Map
  2. Deleting a Map
  3. Auto-Zoom


  1. Introduction to Layers
  2. Importing Data from .csv
  3. Remove Layer From Map
  4. Deleting a Layer
  5. Layer Limit Reached


  1. Location Marker Icons / Images
  2. Calculating Land / Surface Area
  3. Geocoding Addresses

Data Analysis

  1. Data Filters
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Clustering


  1. Adding a Territory to the Map


  1. Map Links and Data Sources

Deleting a Map

To delete a map, please follow the steps below.

Pro accounts can store an unlimited number of maps. If you have a free account and you are receiving a notice regarding map limits, deleting an existing map will bring you back below your plan limit, thus allowing you to create a new map.

Important Notes About Deleting Maps:

Step 1: Click on the "Maps" link in the top navigation:

Maps Drop Down

Step 2: Click the "Delete" button for the map you wish to delete, and you will be prompted with a confirmation:

Confirm Map Deletion

Step 3: Click "OK" to confirm and delete the map

If the map you are deleting is the current map loaded in the Map Maker, the page will refresh and one of your previous maps will load. If you just deleted the last map in your account then a new blank map will be created so that you can continue working on a blank map.