Map Maker Help


  1. Creating a New Map
  2. Deleting a Map
  3. Auto-Zoom


  1. Introduction to Layers
  2. Importing Data from .csv
  3. Remove Layer From Map
  4. Deleting a Layer
  5. Layer Limit Reached


  1. Location Marker Icons / Images
  2. Calculating Land / Surface Area
  3. Geocoding Addresses

Data Analysis

  1. Data Filters
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Clustering


  1. Adding a Territory to the Map


  1. Map Links and Data Sources

Introduction to Layers

A layer usually refers to:

All of the data on a map must be associated with a layer. Layers are displayed in the "Layer List" in the left control panel:

Layer List

You can toggle a layer ON or OFF to show/hide the layer's data on the maps. Each layer can be toggled independently, allowing you to quickly manipulate the data being represented on the current map.

For example, if you are using maps to visualize the geographic locations of your customers, using a different layer for each country will allow you to quickly change which country data is on the map.