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Custom Map Makers

What is a Custom Map Maker?

A custom map maker is a website or software program that allows you to create customized maps, using the data and colors/styling/design that you want for your map.

The Different Types of Custom Map Makers…

There are different types of custom map makers and it is important to use the correct map maker depending on the type of custom map that you want to create.

Geographic Custom Map Maker – With this type of map maker you can create customized geographic maps, e.g., road maps, satellite maps, terrain maps, etc. A geographic map maker allows you to customize the map colors, plot geo coordinates, define custom location markers/pins, etc.

Our map maker platform is a geographic map maker (described above) and can be used to plot points and create custom geographic maps.

Game Level Map Maker, e.g., Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) – This type of map maker is used to create custom levels in video games. One of the most popular games for which you can create maps is Dungeons and Dragons (D and D). Note: Our map maker is a geographic map maker and our software cannot be used to create custom game maps. To find a map maker for a specific game, we recommend searching Google for “custom map maker” and adding the name of the game.

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